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VRV Systems

Daikinís revolutionary VRV systems provide air conditioning solutions in any type or size of building, whether new or refurbished.

Daikin VRV with inverter technology achieves significant savings in energy, running costs and space.

Daikin VRV outdoor units can be easily located on the roof avoiding the need for a plant room and providing more usable space for occupancy.

VRV is quicker and easier to install and requires less plumbing and wiring than water-based chiller systems. Because installation can be carried out one floor at a time, new buildings can be occupied quicker and there is minimum disruption when VRV is retro-fitted in existing buildings.

Independent control of each unit avoids energy wastage and a wide range of indoor unit options provides great flexibility for tenants.

Our team of licensed air conditioning specialists are happy to meet with you to discuss your requirements and recommend the best air conditioning system for your needs.

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